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Services + Pricing



SAT or ACT Small group workshop Package

$600/six 90 min sessions — Standard package includes six 90-minute workshop sessions ($100 each) and two optional timed practice testing sessions at no additional charge. These timed practice sessions are not mandatory but are recommended given that we do have a strict no homework policy.

Rising summer Program

$600 for SAT or ACT only, $999 for both tests-- Runs June 10 through 27 and July 15 thru August 2. Students will pick 8 90-minute sessions for the SAT and/or 8 ninety minute sessions for the ACT.  Ideal for rising sophomores or juniors learning my methods for the first time but also suitable for rising seniors gearing up for their last shot at the SAT and ACT in the fall.


Intensive classes

$799 — For the April 13 ACT, June 1 SAT, and June 8 ACT, we will run one week intensive classes. Students attend four 3-hour sessions the week prior to the test, with stunningly great results. The number of spaces is extremely limited. We will start taking reservations for those test dates in mid December.


$100/90 min session — Timing and preparation is key. Students may be better prepared or feel more confident with an extra session or two leading up to test day.