Mr. Moxey's Answers to Common Questions


I am happy to talk you through this complicated process. I'm here to serve you.

--Steve Moxey, Founder of Moxey Test Prep


I am a hard worker and get solid grades, but i am a poor standardized test taker. Why is that?

Academic classes and standardized tests judge you by very different skills. As a result, preparing for the SAT and ACT needs a different approach than studying for an exam in school. I find that my workshop classes make the SAT and ACT approachable and they learn the strategies to take full advantage of their intellect and hard work that make them great students to master test day.

Should I take the tests cold before studying with moxey test prep?

Taking the tests without preparation does have some risk involved, including losing confidence, developing negative thoughts and habits, and creating a record of inconsistent test results. 

How many students are in each workshop class?

There are up to five students who work with me in workshop during a given session. There is no group instruction: each student works with Mr. Moxey individually, getting instruction combined with repetition and encouragement.

How is this class different than a classroom prep course like the one offered at my school?

Given that we work with only five students in each session, we are able to get to know the tendencies of each student and collaborate with each student to maximize efficiency and master the material. There is no set curriculum or plan followed for the whole class. Everything revolves around you and your specific needs.

What happens if i don't improve my score after taking your class?

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts to prepare, students can't break through and see the improvement they need from their baseline scores. Students who do six or more workshop sessions with me and don't see an increase from their previous overall SAT or ACT composite scores are welcome to come back for some combination of the following: two extra workshop sessions, two extra timed practice testing, and an hour of one-on-one tutoring with me, all at no additional charge, but subject to my availability, so do reach out to me as soon as your scores come back.

Should I take the ACt or sat?

I like to see students take both and study for both. The skills developed on the SAT help you take the ACT and vice versa. I do tend to find that students who struggle with maintaining a fast enough pace for sections tend to fare better on the SAT given that the ACT has shorter time allowed per question.

how is this class different than traditional one-on-one tutoring?

I used to do the majority of my work one-on-one. I prefer the small group workshop format, because often in one-on-one tutoring, the student can actually have too much attention given to what he or she is doing on a given section and have the feeling of being watched. As a result, it is challenging to ever assess how a student is doing without a pair of eyes watching, without assigning homework, which is how many tutors work. The small group workshops are efficient, closely supervised, and the time flies by because students learn by doing.

Do you give homework?

I have a fairly strict no homework policy. Giving out homework is, for most high school students, relationship poison, keeping things more awkward than they need to be. My students work hard and stay focused, so that they don't have to take work home with them. Additional timed practice is always at the library by appointment at no extra charge for students who need more practice.

How much do your students typically improve?

Students regularly improve by 2-6 composite points on the ACT and 80-180 points on the SAT, and I do consider those outcomes successful, especially given that the course is a fairly minimal time commitment of under 12 hours. The highest increase in ACT score of one of my students was an 8 point jump, from 22 to 30. On the new SAT, the highest increase for one of my students was 190, as far as I know, from an 1120 to a 1310. 

do you work with students of all ability levels?

I have worked with students starting with scores far lower than what they needed for the schools they wanted to apply to and have helped them become much more competitive. I also have helped students get perfect scores and go on to the Ivy League. I create an environment that is comfortable for all students to improve. The workshop allows me to work with the students as individuals and adapt the class to make it as challenging as each student needs. 

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