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Mr. Moxey helped me to score a 1520 my first time taking the new SAT. He quickly identified the areas in which I needed to work on and gave me creative, time-saving techniques to use on those sections. I believe that my score was only possible through working with Mr. Moxey.
— Jack G., Brebeuf ’17, Boston College ’21

Happy Parents

I was referred to Steve by a few parents that I know. My daughter is a good student but needed some help with timed test strategies and improving her confidence with standardized testing. The Moxey Test Prep classes definitely accomplished these goals and more. My daughter first took the SAT test in January 2017. She last took the test in August 2017. She improved her overall score by 170 points. She was beyond excited with her latest score. Steve looked at her individually and recommended a schedule based upon what she was trying to accomplish. He reviewed her previous test scores and suggested how many additional; sessions would be ideal. Steve was always very responsive and helpful. I know my daughter enjoyed working with him. I feel very confident in highly recommending MoxeyTest Prep to help prepare for standardized testing. His strategies work and can help students reach their full potential.

— Tanya R., Mother of a 2018 Carmel HS student

My son’s SAT jumped from a 1370 to a 1520! He and I attribute this improvement to Steve Moxey and his program. The strategies he teaches makes students more confident and achieve higher scores. After using private tutors and National test prep programs, I can honestly say Moxey Test Prep is superior for any level student. A little secret that most don’t know is that he is also exceptional with editing college essays. We’re lucky to have a program like this available to us in the Indianapolis area. Moxey Test Prep came highly recommended to us and now I highly recommend him to others.

—  Kari R., mother of a 2018 Hamilton Southeastern HS student


My son is a good student, but we know the importance of standardized testing scores in the competitive college application process.  Accordingly, we checked into the options, including the national franchise courses, and Steve’s various offerings gave my son workable options, both during the summer and the school year. The results began to show first in the SAT and then in the ACT; ultimately with an ACT Composite Score of 34. Quickly after my son began working with Steve, my son’s confidence grew. Steve is flexible, punctual, and very personable with students, and therefore he builds a relationship with each one. He prepares students with various strategies to use on the standardized tests, which reduces the students stress. I am very pleased with the results we had with Moxey Test Prep. I would highly recommend Steve to any high school student.

— Dwight M., father of a 2018 brebeuf HS student


Steve Moxey helped our son improve his SAT score over 100 points in only six sessions!  After working with another prep program for over a year, our son turned to Steve to reach his goal SAT score for direct admission to the IU Kelley School of Business and with Steve’s help, he reached that goal in only six sessions.  Steve’s help was invaluable.  Thanks Steve!

— Lara E., Mother of a 2017 Guerin Catholic HS Student, IU Kelley School of Business Class of 2021  

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Thanks to Mr. Moxey, our daughter is one step to closer to realizing her dreams. After two months at a franchise test prep center with limited success, we were referred to Mr. Moxey. Olivia immediately responded to his personalized and confidence inspiring approach. By focusing on maximizing her strengths and shoring up her areas of opportunity, Olivia’s SAT scores increased by more than 150 points, leading to admissions from six major universities. He connects with each individual student in a special way that you just don’t find at the big name learning centers. We highly recommend Mr. Moxey – we just wish we would have partnered with him sooner. 

— Morry and Denise Smulevitz, parents of a Carmel HS class of 2016 student



My son was convinced there was no benefit to studying for the ACT test. He had taken the ACT twice with the same composite score. His scores were above average but I believed the scores were not a reflection of his ability. He believed he just wasn’t good at taking tests.  I spoke with his high school counselor and she recommended Steve Moxey.  He took the Moxey Test Prep intensive class in June and WOW what a difference. His English score was 12 points higher and his composite score increased 4 points; super-score composite increased 5 points. Yes FIVE points. He is now eligible for scholarships, honor programs and his confidence has significantly increased. Steve’s influence went far beyond the test score. I highly recommend Moxey Test Prep and the intensive course.

— Bridget b., mother of a monrovia hs class of 2015 student


My daughter, now a freshman in college, struggled with standardized testing.  Although a strong and capable student, she had decided that she was “not a good standardized tester” so her approach was simply to avoid the whole issue.  The stress of not feeling prepared and the frustration of having testing scores that were at odds with her academic record finally convinced her that seeking some preparatory help might be a better approach than the avoidance technique that did not seem to be working very well for her.  She did not concede this until September of her senior year, however, so there was not a lot of time to bridge that gap.  Enter Steve.  He felt confident that he could help Kate raise her scores to be “well within range” of the schools to which she was applying in short order.  And he did.  After four or five sessions with Steve she took the ACT again and made a crucial leap.  She applied early decision to Northwestern and was admitted in December.  She loves Northwestern and is thriving there now! 

— liz m., mother of a park tudor class of 2012 student